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The 19th International Advanced School on Wind Engineering (IAS19)

Florence, September 1-2, 2023


The University of Florence and CRIACIV (Inter-University Research Centre on Building Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering) will host the 19th edition of the International Advanced School on Wind Engineering, on September 1-2, 2023, under the Chairmanship of Prof. Yukio Tamura and Prof. Qingshan Yang.

The school was initiated and presided over by Prof. Yukio Tamura, former chairman of the International Association of Wind Engineering (IAWE).

The course covers wind flow characteristics, buildings and bridges aerodynamics under stationary and non-stationary strong winds, equivalent wind loads and wind-induced responses, wind tunnel techniques, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and its applications in wind engineering, the introduction of wind load codes, offshore wind energy potential, and offshore floating wind turbines under the interaction of wind-wave-current.

Researchers and students in universities, research institutions, relevant engineers, and government employees are all greatly welcome to join the IAS19.

The course will take place in the Learning Center “Centro Didattico Morgagni” of the University of Florence, which is easily reachable from the City Centre.

Registrations are closed.

Registrations are possible at the ONSITE REGISTRATION desk at the Università degli Studi di Firenze – Centro Didattico Morgagni.
Please advise the Organising Sectretariat about your onsite registration writing to: