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As announced during the International Conference on Wind Engineering (ICWE16), all the Authors of presented papers can publish their contributions as part of the Proceedings of the ICWE16 Conference, published by Springer Nature.

Paper can be submitted either in Word or LaTeX format, according to the general instructions available from the links below.

Please remember that:

  • all the information related to the Authors, including their affiliations and email addresses, should be reported in the manuscript;
  • an abstract for the manuscript (max. 200 words) must be provided: all abstracts will appear online at with unrestricted access and enable unregistered users to read them;
  • the content of the manuscript should reflect the content of the presentation at the Conference; while writing the text, the comments received from the reviewers (if any) on the submitted 4-page abstract must be taken into account;
  • the manuscript should not exceed 12 pages in length; those manuscripts exceeding this limit will not be allowed to go on the reviewing process;
  • for each paper, permissions to use any of the third-party content included in the proceeding paper must be obtained; please begin the permissions-clearing process as early as possible, to avoid delays to the publishing process (refer to for any doubts about it);
  • strictly respect the submission deadline, which has been postponed to February 2nd, 2024; all abstracts received after this deadline will not be taken into consideration;
  • all manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by (at least) two reviewers; only those papers receiving two positive evaluations will be allowed to go on the publication process.

The submission platform can be accessed by using the same credentials used when submitting the 4-page abstract. Submission is open only for those authors who presented their work at the conference.


Gianni Bartoli, Claudio Borri, Claudio Mannini, Enzo Marino
Guest editors of the Springer Nature’s ICWE16 Proceedings

Template of the
paper in Word

Template of the
paper in LaTeX