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Super Long Span Bridges through Multi-Box-Deck solutions (IAWE-IABSE)

Summary outline
The Mini-Symposium goal is a focus on the scientific aspects making the Super Long Span Bridges projects evolve towards innovative standards driven by research.
Three key topics addressed in the recent years are driving at present the evolution of those infrastructures:
1. Advantages of aerodynamic solutions (e.g. Multi Box Deck sections) compared to structural
2. Not Synoptic Winds effects on Super Long Span Bridges.
3. Numerical Approaches: uncertainties quantification and validation to Full-Scale data.
The Super Long Span Bridges Mini-Symposium is coordinated with the activities of the IABSE Task Group 3.1 on Super Long Span Bridge Aerodynamics chaired by Prof. Giorgio Diana.
A Round-Table Panel Conference Plenary-Session on the Messina Bridge Project will close the Mini Symposium activities with invited guests from Research, Construction-Corporate, Economical-Infrastructural Institutions.

Prof. Giorgio Diana, Emeritus Professor at Politecnico di Milano –
Allan Larsen, Chief Engineer at COWI –